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BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) was set up in March 2012 under the Private Universities Act of 2010 and is dedicated to the development of human resources for the readymade garment, textile and allied sectors of Bangladesh. The university aims to establish itself as a ‘center of excellence’ for study, research and development and to serve the nation.

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BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology offers several Graduate and Undergraduate programs through its eight faculties and eighteen departments. Browse the links below for information on programs of study, academic requirements, and faculty research.


BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology was founded with a goal to establish itself as a "Center-of-Excellence" in higher education and to produce graduates with interfacial skills, competencies and English language skills in order to meet the greater demand of textile and allied sectors of home and abroad emphasizing on innovation and creativity. Since its establishment, we haven't strayed from that vision.






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ICTAF 2020

Call for papers!

The ICTAF 2020 conference invites the submission of long and short papers on substantial, original and unpublished research in all aspects of textile, apparel and fashion. Some of the presentations at the conference will be of papers accepted by the BUFT Journal.

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