Global Connect

The academic strategy of BUFT embraces a global approach. The core activities of the university have enhanced its international visibility and standing. BUFT has strategic agreements and partnerships with 27 leading international universities and organizations that share the same academic direction, integrating BUFT students with the global mainstreams of textile, apparel, fashion and business.

International collaborations allow students to experience ‘study abroad’ options through exchange programs. This initiative provides an excellent opportunity to BUFT students, selected for the exchange program, to interact with students from various geographies, encouraging them to broaden their vision and understand different cultures. To provide an academic gradient, the university’s international linkage allows the students to participate in international competitions/seminars/research/exhibitions and other events. BUFT students of all programs are encouraged to participate in international events and competitions.

The students participated in several prestigious international competitions such as IFFTI China, IFTI Manchester UK, SDC London UK, IGFS Sri Lanka Design Competition, ID Dunedin Fashion Competition New Zealand.

A large number of students have also availed the opportunity of pursuing higher education with scholarships in overseas universities that BUFT has strategic agreements and partnerships with. The universities include Wuhan Textile University of China, Zhe Jiang Sci-tech University of China, Niederrhein University of Applied Science of Germany etc. The university also attracts international students who come and experience its academic and cultural richness. Through the exchange programs, students from overseas institutes and universities have developed valuable insight not just into Bangladeshi culture, arts & crafts but have also understood the Bangladeshi market and its dynamics.

The strategic alliances encourage academic enhancement at faculty level as well. Faculty exchange and joint research initiatives ensures that the university’s teaching methods and facilities are constantly updated & upgraded to be at pa with the best universities in the world. To facilitate exchange of teaching pedagogy, concepts and professional ideas, the faculty at BUFT participates in academic exchange programs, international fairs, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and trade shows thereby bringing their substantial experience to the classroom and enriching the knowledge pool at BUFT.

Areas of Cooperations

It is clear that researchers and specialists outside the domain of BUFT can often be extremely valuable in our scientific efforts and researches, more so than any machines BUFT has in its laboratories.

Working within a team of scientists from different countries around the globe can often pose many hurdles, but it is also very rewarding. BUFT is utterly committed to provide the rewards of collaborations with foreign universities to its students.

Subject to the availability of funds and resources of BUFT and other universities, agreements have been made to develop the following collaborative activities:

  • Exchange of information for curriculum development.
  • Supporting in setting up a state-of-the-art laboratory for composite materials.
  • Organization of lectures, symposia, international meetings, conferences, workshops and fashion design exhibitions.
  • Exchange of researchers and teachers and providing opportunities for professors and researchers to give lectures.
  • Exchange program facility, short study visit programs and internship programs
  • Scholarships and tuition fee waiver.
  • BUFT – other university Fellowship
  • Exchange of information, teaching materials, technological and scientific publications.
  • Other academic activities agreed between the two universitiesas and when necessary.


Some of the key universities, institutes and organizations with whom BUFT has an association are:

  • National Institute of Fashion & Technology, New Delhi, India
  • Hanseo University, South Korea
  • Wuhan Textile University, China
  • Zhe Jiang Sci-Tech University, China
  • Liaoning Communication University, China
  • Chengdu Textile College, China
  • Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Gothe-Institut Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • RMIT University, Australia
  • University of South Wales, The UK
  • Dansk Mode & Textil (DM&T), Denmark
  • SNV Netherlands Development Organization, The Netherlands
  • Ministry For Foreign Trade and Development (MFD) Cooperation, The Netherlands
  • MDF Training & Consultancy BV, The Netherlands
  • BGMEA, Bangladesh and MDF, The Netherlands
  • Lectra Singapore PTE Limited, Singapore
  • American & Efird (BD) Ltd., Bangladesh
  • National Institute of Fashion & Technology, Gujrat, India
  • Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Scince, Germany
  • Technical University of Liberrec, Czech Republic
  • Embassy of Spain & Purple Production, Spain
  • Chittagong BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology (CBIFT), Bangladesh
  • Technical University of Chemnitz (TUC), Germany
  • Donghua University, China
  • DKTE Society’s Textile & Engineering Institute