Tuition Fees

As some programs incur higher expenditure than others, it is therefore, important that you check with your school for the exact rate of tuition fees for your chosen course.

These course fees will cover the cost of your study at the university as well as the charges for registration, tuition, supervision, examinations and graduation. Payment of tuition fees will also entitle you to the membership of BUFT Library and the Students’ Clubs.

Total tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A. in English) program offered by the Department of English will be: (subject to change by the university authority).

Total Tuition Fees: BDT. 5,08,200

Total tuition fees cover admission fees of BDT. 8,500 [paybale just once during admission], credit fees of BDT. 4,35,600 [@ BDT. 3,300 per credit], library & activity fees of BDT. 16,000 [@ BDT. 2,000 per semester], registration fees of BDT. 24,000 [@ BDT. 3,000 per semester], laboratory fees of BDT. 24,000 [@ BDT. 3,000 per semester] and rovar scout fees of BDT. 160 [@ BDT. 20 per semester].


Current total course fee after special 50% waiver: BDT. 2,66,300 (BDT 32,225 per semester + BDT 8500 admission fee).

Payment of Tuition Fees

The amount of tuition fees you will pay per semester varies depending on factors such as the number of credits you take in a particular semester, re-taking or re-registration of the courses and the fines (if any).

You can pay your total tuition fees for any particular semester in one or two installments. The university will set a timeframe within which you must pay your tuition fees, and the university will ask for a late payment charge if you fail to pay the tuition fees by the due date.

Tuition fees must be paid by the method set by the university regulations, usually through a specified bank. The details of the bank (address and bank account number) will be provided by the university after your registration.

After the registration of your courses for a semester, you will get to know exactly how much you will have to pay and the deadlines for all the payments will be announced and posted on the notice board. Usually, you are supposed to go to the bank along with your advising slip and pay in cash. You may be required to show the payment slip to the Accounts Section of the university after your payment is made for the semester. The department will provide information about the registration process.