Dr. Abdul Baqui

Proctor, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

About Dr. Baqui

Dr. Baqui is an experienced academic administrator having occupied positions of various responsibilities in a series of academic institutions and textile organization over the last 25 years. After his retirement from Saudi Arabian Ministry of Higher Education he joined as a casual faculty of CQU (Central Queensland University) Australia. He was actively involved in teaching and supervising postgraduate students research project in the School of Engineering and Technology of CQU Melbourne campus. He served as a Professor (Assigned) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, King Abdulaziz University and in the Royal Commission Yanbu Industrial College & University, Saudi Arabia for more than ten years. He also has performed senior role for the ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering Technology)-USA accreditation for both the Universities and achieved accreditation by the ABET. He has taught in the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and served at the beginning of his teaching as Lecturer in the College of Textile Engineering Technology under DU (currently BUTEX) for five years.

He achieved his BSc in Textile Technology degree (first batch) from the College of Textile Engineering and Technology (currently BUTEX) under the University of Dhaka. He served in the BMRE (Balancing Modernization Renovation and Extension) of Jute & Textile Mills project and UNDP Yarn Count Survey program during his study in the CTET and later worked as an Educational & Industrial Consultant for Textiles in home and abroad. After that he obtained his PhD degree in Textile Technology from the University of Manchester (UMIST), Manchester, UK as a recipient of Commonwealth Scholarship of the Great Britain Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. He was a UNIDO Fellow for Textile Industries Development postdoctoral training program in the Leeds University, UK.

He has over twenty years undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research experience including air-jet spinning machine developed at UMIST. During his research at UMIST he received Litchi Trust Fellowship from the British Council, London and a special extension of Commonwealth Scholarship for continuing his research. Considering his hi-tech Spinning knowledge he was Technical Manager for various types of yarn manufacturing with air-jet and OE spinning plant in Melbourne, Australia.

He is a professional member as CText ATI of International Textile Head Quarters Manchester, UK; also member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME), USA and member of Australian Institute of Management (AIM), Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Abdul Baqui is an ISO Internal Auditor and Assessor of Standards Australia Quality Assurance Services (SAQAS) Pty Ltd., Australia and was a member of SASO (Saudi Arabian Standard Organization).

Previously he served as an Education Advisor (Technical Education Development Project) from the OPCV (Overseas Project Corporation of Victoria), Melbourne for the Ministry of Education, Government of Indonesia as an expatriate from the Australian Government. He also contributed as Principal for the Cambridge International School (BISESJ), Saudi Arabia with 1600 students up to A-level course and 250 teaching members and other staffs which followed Cambridge University program. He actively participate many International conferences and lastly was in Dubai for the world Cambridge University International School Principal conference. He bears an excellent experience in academic standards and policy execution in all levels of academic program. Since his joining at BUFT as faculty member and another responsibility as Proctor has been making a great contribution towards the students’ discipline and maintain code of conduct development of BUFT.

Message from Proctor
Attention: All students!

All students of BUFT shall comply with instructions given in the student's handbook and shall abide by the instructions given by BUFT authorities.

All students of the university shall disclose details and produce documents thereof when asked to do so by all persons who are authorized to act on behalf of the university, by a Proctor or members of the proctorial board.

In addition: Ragging and sexual harassment are strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion/rustication/suspension/fine.

Proctorial Committee

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Proctor, Research Director, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.

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Assistant Proctor (Member-Secretary), BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology.