Mr. Md. Shahjahan

Registrar, BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

About Mr. Shahjahan

Mr. Md Shahjahan currently holds the position of the Registrar at BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT). Mr. Shahjahan obtained his B. Com (Hons) and M. com from the University of Dhaka in 1970 & 1971 respectively. Later on he did his Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Diploma in Banking Part-I.

He started his career in 1974 as a full-time Lecturer in Accounting at Habibullah Bahar Degree College and as a Part time Lecturer at T&T College Dhaka, and then he joined Victoria Govt. College, Comilla, appointed through Public Service Commission (PSC). After leaving Govt. College he Joined Bangladesh Institute of Basic Management (BIBM) in December 1976 as an Admin-cum-Accounts Officer together with being a Part time faculty member, and continued there till Sept. 1983. Then he joined Bangladesh Krishi Bank as The Chief Manager Personnel, and subsequently as a Faculty member at the Central Training Institute of BKB. At the end of 1987, he joined Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology; Dhaka (BUET) as The Deputy Registrar, and held the position of the Registrar at BUET from November, 1991, and retired on 30th June 2010.

The day after his retirement, he joined the position of the Registrar at ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB) and continued there till 17th July 2012. After that, he joined North South University (NSU) as the Registrar on 18th July 2012, and continued till Feb 2018.

Mr. Shahjahan has more than 27 years of experience serving as the Registrar at different Public and Private Universities. He has about 3 years of teaching experience at Private & Govt. Colleges, and over 14 years of experience at the administrative level at Autonomous Organizations.

He was The Vice President and Secretary General of The Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) and life-time member of many Professional & Educational bodies like registered graduate, University of Dhaka; Fellow, Institute of Personnel Management; President (batch 65-67), Dhaka College; Sr. Vice President, Motijheel (Central) Govt. High School; Ex-Students’ Association, and Accounting Alumni of Dhaka University.

Since his boyhood, he was involved with “Kochi Kachar Mela”, “Shabuj Sena”, & was the organizer of “Mukul Fouj “and various other cultural & social organizations. Apart from his notable administrative and teaching career, Mr. Shahjahan has always taken interest in publishing his writings in different journals, and his writing has appeared in Journals of RAB Anniversary, Publications of School Anniversary etc.

During his career he visited the UK, France, Nepal, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, and India to attend various training sessions, seminars, conferences, research workshops, under the sponsorship of ACU (UK), British Council, RFID, NORAD and also to pay personal visits.

Message from the Registrar

BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) has been making great contribution towards producing skilled manpower for the RMG sector in Bangladesh.

Since its inception, members of the Board of Trustees, faculties, staff and the students have been making relentless effort and made invaluable contributions for the development of BUFT. The position attained by BUFT today is certainly due to the cumulative contributions made by all ranks and files who have been associated with this prestigious institution.