Research Fields

Wherever it starts- in a lab or in the campus of BUFT, research always finds the same destination: the real world. Our faculty and students engage with real problems, and they find real solutions. Our research gets results.

Typical examples of research fields include: process and productdevelopment in yarn manufacturing engineering, innovative novel textile structures including three-dimensional fabrics and multi-directional fabrics, process development in weaving and knitting, process and product development in wet processing engineering, environment pollution prevention and water resource management, researches in made-to-measure, ready-to-wear clothing in the tricky field of womenswear and childrenwear, industrial production engineering, time and method study in apparel production, CAD in all fields of textile engineering, etc.

BUFT Research team also conduct researches on various fields of business and management.

Research Collaborations

  • BUFT in collaboration with Donghua University and Wuhan TextileUniversity jointly conduct researches on polymer reinforced textile fiber reinforced composite materials and medical textiles.
  • BUFT with Saxion University jointly conduct researches on different aspects of textile engineering and management.

Faculties with their Research Interests

A list of all of BUFT faculty members and their research interests may be found here.