Payment of Tuition Fees!

The level of tuition fees you will pay per semester varies depending on factors such as the number of credits you have taken in that semester, re-registration of courses and fines (if any).

You have to pay your total tuition fees for any particular semester by one installment. The university will set a time frame within which you must pay your tuition fees and a late payment charge will be incurred if your fees are not paid by the due date.

Tuition fees must be paid by the method as set by the university, usually through a specified bank. The detail of the bank (address and bank account number) will be provided by the university after you register.

After registration of your courses for a semester, you will get to know how much you will have to pay and the deadlines of all payments. Usually, you are supposed to go to a bank along with your advising paper and make the payment. You are supposed to report or show the evidence to the Accounts sectionof the university that your payment has been made.

The faculty member doing your advising, however, will let you know what to do!